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Toward a market-driven circular plastics economy with biochemical recycling

In Activity 4 we engage with our consortium of end-users (municipal governments, textiles, chemical, packaging industries) to identify ideal feedstock and product streams for biochemical recycling. We will do this through consultations which will identify regulatory barriers to biochemical recycling and develop predictive models to support design and scale-up of biochemical recycling reactors, and to enhance the techno-economy. Finally, we will utilize life-cycle modeling tools to develop tailored microbial or enzyme-based strategies to recycle or upscale plastic waste. This work will be carried out in 3 disinct projects, more information coming soon


GE3LS research (right cycle) iteratively drives genomics research (left cycle). The tightly integrated Activities 3 and 4 (centre rectangle) feed research results to and from GE3LS and Activities 1-3.

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